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TRUST-U's SerDes Communications Chip Technology Enters International Market

Published: Jun 19,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Supervised by Dr. Jerry Lee, the startup team specializes on the research of "Development of Ultra High-Speed SerDes ICs" Their self-developed circuit design and system architecture technologies for SerDes wired communications chip offers lower power consumption, cheaper cost, and higher information conversion rate. With the grant from TRUST-U, the team set up a company, named Midasmicro. Now, new funding from PYJ-Dynasty Venture in Silicon Valley has come in place, making the company worth NT$450 million approx.

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The global demand for high-speed network is growing fast, and the bandwidth requirement in corporate data center is also rising rapidly. An urgent need for bandwidth technology upgrade in backbone network and fiber-optic link, as well as an increasing demand for chip integration and communication serial ports have also grown exponentially. In the recent years, Taiwanese developers have been devoting time and resources to enhancing the SerDes wired communications chip and trying to resolve the restriction of speed.

However, on the one hand, the obstacle of circuit design is harder than ever, and the problem that the conversion rate of communications chip fails to handle the carried information amount by fiber optics often occurs. On the other hand, in order to pursue better circuit performance, many have chosen the advanced process (7nm or smaller) but then faced with higher cost, poorer noise-reduction performance, and limited application.

With twenty-year research expertise in high-end communications chip and technology, Dr. Lee and his team has developed innovative circuit and system architecture to realize faster data transmission rate but in lower power consumption and cost.

In addition to resolve the aforementioned problems, the team offers customization service for best fit. Moreover, the development of 28Gb/s NRZ and 56Gb/s PAM4 is fully ready while the team is currently making an intensive effort to the development of 112Gb/s and 224Gb/s chips. All of these cannot be happened without the support from TRUST-U, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Midasmicro owns a range of technologies and products, which are highly valued by both domestic and overseas corporations, and has raised a seed round of funding from PYJ-Dynasty Venture, a U.S. venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley.

Minister Chen Liang-gee, Ministry of Science and Technology, believes that Taiwanese academicians possess a range of top-notch leading technology that need to be seen by the world. The Taiwan Government has put the effort in startups by setting up good policy, and Taiwanese startups have now shown among international venture capital firms. The successful seed funding of Midasmicro can bring in more overseas investors and impart vigor to the tech startup sector in Taiwan.

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