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US and Israel Masters join the Revelation of M&A forum in Meet Taipei 2019

Published: Nov 14,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - According to the “Survey among CEOs in Taiwan 2019” released by KPMG Taiwan, corporate have to change their mindset from “efficiency-driven” to “innovation-driven” in order to pursue sustainable growth. The Survey of 2019 shows that 16% of Taiwanese CEOs hope to drive the growth of their companies through adopting mergers and acquisitions strategies, comparing to 6% in 2018; and 22% of whom want to achieve growth by taking part in joint ventures, comparing to 12% in 2018.

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Facing the trend, Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), the startup ecosystem building program sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), holds the TTA Global Startup MnA Forum during the 2019 Meet Taipei on November 14th. The Forum invites Mr. David Uffer, Vice President and Senior Partner of Alira Health Medical Technology, Mr. Michael Avnimelech, executive chairman of Israel MnA Team, and Mr. Huang Qiyuan, Chairman of Taiwan Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Council, to explore how corporate build their innovation strategies adapting mergers and acquisitions.

MOST connects Taiwan with startup nations like the U.S. and Israel, aiming to encourage corporate to adopt mergers and acquisitions strategies and embrace innovation. By collaborating with startups, corporate can be in touch with innovative and disruptive solutions and thus generate sustainable growth by providing numerous new tech application scenarios and attracting more customers. The Forum invites experts from the U.S. and Israel to help Taiwan corporate clear their doubts on mergers and acquisitions and stimulate more deals on mergers and acquisitions.

TTA not only serves as a resource platform that connects Taiwan with global startup ecosystems, but it is also committed to encouraging the development of startups in AI, software, and semiconductor. Through its international marketing strategies, TTA has led corporate and investors around the world to follow closely on Taiwan’s inspiring innovations, introducing MNCs to collaborate with Taiwan startups. It has accelerated Taiwan’s entrepreneurs to expand globally and increased the tech presence of Taiwan.

“In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan tech startups in the globe, in 2019, the Ministry has brought 70 Taiwan startups to join international innovation expositions; we have also invited 54 startups from 10 countries and 30 investors to join TTA x TIEC Matchmaking events. We have further explored the worldwide trend of M&A by bringing you the M&A experts from the U.S. and Israel,” said Dr. Chyou-Huey Chiou, Director General, Department of Academic-Industrial Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology.

“The Ministry believes that the Forum today and the resources gathered by TTA will support Taiwan tech startups to win more collaboration opportunities with industries around the world. This is the vision of the ‘Small Country, Smart Strategy’ that Minister Chen would love to achieve: to find the best partners in every places in the world, to create alliance on providing efficient startup resource platform, and to make Taiwan shine.”

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