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All M31 Automotive IP Products Received ISO 26262 Certifications

Published: Dec 12,2019

HSINCHU, Taiwan – M31 Technology announced today of their “PCIe PHY” and “MIPI D PHY” ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level ASIL B Ready certification approved by German authority SGS-TÜV. This is following the prior ISO certifications received for high speed interface IP- “MIPI M PHY”, foundation IP- “GPIO” and “SRAM Compiler”. All M31 automotive IP products have successfully completed the procedures and specifications for the approved certifications.

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Distinct from other consumer electronics, automotive electronics require elevated levels of safety and reliability. Not only do M31 implement safety features throughout the whole circuit structure, simulation analysis, and preventive measures for failure modes, they also take into consideration the possibility of electromigration effect as the parts are operated under high temperatures and well protection against ESD damage.

On top of that, M31 is collaborating with customers to progressively pass the strict AEC-Q100 reliability tests on the produced ICs, which include subjects such as ELFR, HTOL, ESD, Latch-Up.

“The automotive market has a high entry threshold; the work required for product testing and succeeding approval periods is an extremely lengthy task. It has been a few years in the making since M31 initiated development and planning of IPs along with other relevant items required for automotive IC products. ” Chairman Lin Hsiao Ping states, “With the development and approval of all automotive IP products, providing customers with more comprehensive and reliable solutions on various applications of automotive IC is much more viable.”

Beginning 2018, M31 IPs have been adopted by tier-one European and American automotive electronics suppliers including TSMC 28HPC+ and 16FFC process nodes, incorporated in infotainment and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and entered trial production; furthermore, M31 IP is opportune to pass more IC level AEC-Q100 reliability tests aligned with customer timeline and progress. Nowadays, M31 distributes IP globally across automobile suppliers in a wide range of applications, such as internet of vehicles, security system, electrical power system, to enhance market penetration and expand market share.

Accompanying 5G maturation and the rapid infrastructure implementation, a boost in the development of internet of vehicles, auto-pilot, ADAS, and intelligent transportation systems creates tremendous business opportunities. These opportunities will further attract international semiconductor companies to actively invest in the automotive electronics industry, which, according to market research, is valued at 230 billion dollars with a projected increase that exceeds 8% CAGR in the following years.

Electronics usually occupy approximately 35% of the total cost for an automobile. However, with the innovation and improvement of technology, it is estimated to occupy approximately 50% in the next twenty years.

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