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Taiwanese Mobile Payment Users Aged 46-55 Grow by Over 30% in 2018-2019

Published: Jan 20,2020

Taiwanese consumers make mobile payments in in 2019 by age group. (Source: MIC, January 2020)

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taipei-based government-backed IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) conducted an online-questionnaire survey in September 2019 on Taiwan’s smartphone users aged 18-65 and the findings reveal that the popularity of mobile payments in the consumer group aged 46-55 increased 31.2% in 2019 compared to 2018, the highest among all age groups.

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“This is mainly attributed to the growing use of PX Pay among consumers aged 46-55 following the launch a half year ago as it stands on the second spot of their top mobile payment preferences, only next to Line Pay,” said Robin Hu, senior industry analyst at MIC.

"Consumers make Line Pay, Jko Pay, and Apple Pay their first priority when selecting mobile payment methods. The most frequently used mobile payment apps in Taiwan are Line Pay, Jko Pay, PX Pay, Taiwan Pay, Apple Pay, and FamiPay, among which PX Pay and FamiPay are apps designed for use in PX Mart and FamilyMart, respectively.”

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