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Mitsubishi Electric’s New Technology Controls In-Building Mobilities and Facilities

Published: Feb 04,2020

Mitsubishi Electric announced today that it has developed a technology for controlling in-building mobile robots used for cleaning, security, delivery and guidance, as well as next-generation electric wheelchairs, using building dynamic maps* to achieve cooperative interaction between the robots, etc. and building facilities, such as elevators and access control systems.

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By supporting the safe, efficient movement of people and In-Building Mobilities in buildings, the new technology is expected to reduce the workloads of building-management personnel and help realize smart buildings in which people and robots coexist safely. Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric will continue developing the technology in collaboration with developers and mobility manufacturers, aiming to introduce a commercial service after March 2021.

Mitsubishi Electric’s newly developed building dynamic map is utilized to control the movements of multiple In-Building Mobilities within a building. When the In-Building Mobilities use elevators or pass by each other in narrow aisles, the system automatically guides them along the best routes to avoid hitting other In-Building Mobilities, entering prohibited areas or boarding crowded elevators. When passing through an access-control gate, the system uses the map to prioritize the movements of people as well as to prevent collisions.

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