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Global 5G Market Value in Healthcare Sector to Reach Nearly US$18B by 2026

Published: Feb 20,2020

Global 5G Market Value in Healthcare Sector, 2020-2026. (Source: MIC, Feburary 2020)

Global 5G market value in the healthcare sector is projected to reach USD 17.99 billion by 2026, according to MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute), Taiwan-based government tank and IT research institute.

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“Applications most likely to adopt 5G include telemedicine such as remote consultation and remote biometrics, private healthcare networks, 5G ambulances, and mobile rescue equipment for military operations,” said Wei-Gan Su, industry analyst with MIC.

"The use of 5G in the healthcare sector will be driven mainly by two factors: to significantly enhance the performance of existing applications and follow a natural course of network evolution to 5G."

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