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AUO Teams Up with PlayNitride to Develop High Resolution Flexible Micro LED Display Technology

Published: Apr 21,2020

HSINCHU, Taiwan – AU Optronics Corp. has consistently invested in the research and development of next-generation advanced display technologies, strengthened its competitive edge, and partnered with PlayNitride Inc. to announce the world’s leading high resolution flexible micro LED display technology. AUO and PlayNitride each exerted their expertise in display and LED to jointly develop a leading 9.4-inch high resolution flexible micro LED display with the world's highest 228 PPI pixel density, achieving yet another industry milestone with pioneering technological breakthroughs.

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The 9.4-inch high resolution flexible micro LED display jointly debuted by the two parties is developed via an LTPS TFT driven backplane which allows pixels to be lighted separately. By applying a high-speed mass transfer technology, more than 5.5 million micro LEDs less than 30um in size have been successfully transferred to the LTPS plastic backplane to reach an ultra-high pixel density of 228 PPI.

This advanced micro LED display delivers extremely high dynamic range with stunning high saturation of bright colors. It has excellent weather resistance under high brightness ambient conditions, and is especially suitable for future car displays that demand both reliability and design. The micro LED display’s highly flexible nature is also suitable for diverse applications including wearables and other consumer devices, giving way to many new possibilities.

“AUO and PlayNitride have been long-term partners for the development of micro LED display technology, and we both have been in the industry’s leadership position in terms of next generation Micro LED,” said Dr. Wei-Lung Liau, Chief Technology Officer of AUO. “We are proud to have led the industry with the fruits of our collaboration, presenting exceptionally high image quality and flexible display technologies. AUO will continue its research and development, which will be the cornerstone for success as we establish our competitive edge and win market opportunities. Our customers will be able to enjoy even more innovative product solutions realized by new technologies.”

“Display technology has potential for a myriad of innovative applications. We believe that Micro LED will foster the imagination for future display technologies,” said Dr. Yun-Li Li, CEO of PlayNitride. “We have worked closely with AUO and overcome technical challenges to develop the world’s highest resolution flexible micro LED display, offering a truly authentic user experience that is not bound by viewing space or angle. In the future, PlayNitride will continue to uphold its commitment for innovation and showcase the new and exciting opportunities micro LED has to offer, opening a brilliant new horizon for consumers.”

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