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videantis Processor Platform Adopted for TEMPO Neuromorphic Edge AI Chip

Published: Jul 07,2020

videantis GmbH, a leading supplier of deep learning, computer vision and video coding solutions, today announced the adoption of its next-generation digital AI multi-core processor platform and toolflow for a neuromorphic mixed-signal edge AI chip. The development is part of the European TEMPO project and targets several autonomous driving use cases.

TEMPO stands for “Technology & hardware for nEuromorphic coMPuting” and is an ECSEL JU innovation project supported by the EU Horizon 2020 programme.

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Infineon, Valeo, InnoSenT and other leading European companies and universities, videantis will develop a neuromorphic artificial intelligence ASIC platform and software development tools specifically tailored for energy-efficient edge processing for intelligent autonomous vehicles.

To this end, videantis will integrate its highly efficient and high-performance next-generation multi-core processor solution into a neuromorphic AI chip platform that processes LiDAR and radar sensor data for multiple autonomous driving use cases using AI-based methods. The solution combines deep decompression technology with a digital deep neural network (DNN) accelerator that remains software-programmable to easily adapt to different use cases of the chip.

Videantis will also support this chip with the v-CNNDesigner tool flow that automates the distribution and mapping of AI workloads onto the parallel architecture. v-CNNDesigner allows developers to map their neural networks on the videantis processors without requiring programmer’s intervention, removing the error-prone and complex programming task of finding the best quantization and parallelization strategies, data organization, and synchronization.

The videantis technology will be integrated and demonstrated together with the latest product innovations from the other research partners.

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