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Taiwan’s MOST Creates “Taiwan Innotech Expo – Future Tech,” a Cross-Agency Endeavor

Published: Jul 28,2020

An academic research team demonstrates its latest technology and interacts with international participants in the exhibition.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The "2020 Taiwan Innotech Expo" focuses on securing Taiwan's position as a technology trading hub by strengthening international relations. This year, the event will be jointly hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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Ten government agencies have been invited to consolidate their scientific and technological achievements into three thematic centers that outline the innovative ecosystems of various industries.

The primary objective of the event is to create a single window to showcase Taiwan's technological prowess to the world easily. With this year's support by the Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Science and Technology consolidated the curatorial resources of "Future Tech" in the past three years and invited the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Academia Sinica to jointly host "Future Tech" in TWTC Hall 1 between September 24 and 26 and showcase cutting-edge Taiwanese technologies and innovative industrial applications.

To advertise the industrial benefits the science and technology commercialization, the Ministry of Science and Technology has established a university-industry matching platform at the annual "Taiwan Innotech Expo - Innovative Invention" and "FUTEX." The platform showcases scientific breakthroughs and industry-applicable cutting-edge technologies, attracting over 100,000 industry representatives across 13 cities worldwide and forming partnerships worth almost one billion dollars.

To consolidate Taiwan's scientific and technological resources and strengthen international relations and by invitation of the Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Science and Technology consolidated the resources of FUTEX and invited the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Academia Sinica to jointly host "Taiwan Innotech Expo - Future Tech" and showcase the scientific and technological innovations across multiple government agencies. Compared to last year, technology capacity will be increased from 60 to 80, and floor space with be expanded by 2.5-fold.

The focus of the event will be on precision health ecosystems and epidemic prevention technologies, particularly innovative applications and techniques that can be transferred or traded within three years. The event will also showcase research technologies with the potential of industrial development in five to ten years.

Early prevention measures have enabled Taiwan to maintain economic growth during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide assistance to fight this global pandemic. These efforts have put Taiwan in the international limelight. Based on the 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced six core strategies to promote precision health ecosystems, electronics and optics, AI and AIoT applications, and smart machinery and materials. Several trend forums and technology presentations will be held during the exhibition period, along with various matchmaking events.

The Ministry of Science and Technology expressed its anticipation of pooling resources with other government agencies to shape Taiwan into a hub for research and development achievements and a pivotal contributor to the global economy of the future.

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