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iST Enters MOU With DEKRA to Debut Their Operation in Functional Safety of Automotive Electronics

Published: Aug 05,2020

HSINCHU, Taiwan – iST entered an MOU today with DEKRA, one of the major leaders of testing, inspection and certification, to advance their capacity in verifying, coaching, and certifying automotive electronics' functional safety through their partnership.

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The MOU aims to build a partnership in automotive functional safety against the international standard ISO 26262 (Road vehicles – Functional Safety). That is, suppliers trying to get in the automotive electronics supply chain by qualifying for the ISO 26262 standard may make use of the best total solution for automotive electronics functional safety provided by the joint team of iST and DEKRA. This solution can cover the whole process from pre-verification coaching and reliability verification through to the design verification over submitted samples and application for audit certification.

The automotive industry is unique in its zero-tolerance approach to system failures, as they may result in personal injury or death. In case of any product failures, the maker is required to either call them back (the least-damage case) or trapped in lawsuits, compensation, and a contaminated image. This was further solidified with the codification of the international ISO 26262 (Road vehicles – Functional Safety) standard.

The ISO 26262 certification requires reliability qualification in advance. This is especially the case with digitized vehicles, as the latter must employ a very complex electronic system composed of electronics, E&M(Electrical & Mechanical Engineering), and software components and subsystems. Flaws in any one of them may hamper the entire system and cause systematic and unexpected risks which, in turn, could result in functional safety failure. In theory, to get in the automotive electronics supply chain after being ISO 26262 certified, manufacturers of components must have AEC-Q reliability verified while modules and system products require not only ISO16750 but also verifications for design of safety regulations and reusability.

"Benefited by its dominance in the Asian reliability verification market, iST is ready to provide not only environmental tests for automotive electronics products but also counseling and coaching for ISO 26262 specifications, covering process, production, development tool, and SEooC (Safety Element out of Context). This comprehensive cooperation with iST is set to open a new chapter in the functional safety of automotive electronics," Mr. Gerhard M. Rieger, Senior VP of DEKRA's global functional safety operation noted.

Mr. William Cheng, iST Senior VP of Sales, added “DEKRA, the world's leading automotive electronics testing, inspection and certification service provider, is a licensee of Dakks, Germany and qualified for ISO 26262 certification. By partnering with DEKRA, iST is now ready to provide manufacturers trying to get into the automotive electronics supply chain with complete solutions, including the AEC-Q/ISO16750 product reliability test, coaching for IATF16949/VDA6.3 with respect to quality management flow, and certification and continuous auditing for ISO 26262 in automotive electronics functional safety."

DEKRA is the leading company in the automotive certification industry while iST leads the electronics verification. The partnership of the two with respect to ISO 26262 in the automotive electronics functional safety market is set to generate a 1-plus-1-greater-than-2 synergy, and create new dimensions for both parties’ businesses.

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