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AUO Joins RE100 Initiative and Commits to 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

By Joanne Lin
Published: Mar 24,2022

AU Optronics Corp Announces that it has become a formal member of RE100 global renewable energy initiative and the first enterprise in the global display manufacturing industry to commit to using 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. AUO will also fulfill its responsibility on environmental sustainability by adopting annual carbon emission reduction targets approved by the Science-Based Targets (SBT). By 2025, absolute carbon emissions will be reduced by 25% and all office locations will be carbon neutral by 2030. AUO also strives to reach the 2050 net zero target, aligning with the global trend in the coming future.

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AUO Chairman Paul Peng indicated: “Year 2022 is a crucial milestone in AUO’s fight against climate change. In addition to joining RE100 to set clear targets for the use of renewable energy, being one of the founding enterprises of the ‘Taiwan Climate Partnership,’ AUO will also extend our carbon management mechanism to supply chain partners. With solid expertise in smart manufacturing, we will guide the value chain to realize green productions from the inside-out. Also, we’ll collaborate with value chain to implement risk and business continuity management that make AUO more sustainable.”

AUO upgrades the corporate sustainability governance body “Sustainability Committee” as the "ESG and Climate Committee.” The Board of Directors and the ESG Committee act as the core decision-makers to strengthen climate governance under the existing sustainability goals. With profound sustainability awareness and in-depth participation from all personnel, AUO establishes a cross-unit platform for the systematic deployment of digital applications and the development of low-carbon technologies by working groups. AUO also persists to identify emerging green business opportunities to strengthen the greater roles that display technologies can play during the global low-carbon transformation. The ESG and Climate Committee also define a systemic blueprint and net-zero roadmap based on the comprehensive scopes of greenhouse gas emissions in its business operations to drive the transformation holistically.

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