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Avalue Launches 3-in-1 M.2 Expansion Card

Published: Apr 21,2022

TAIPEI, TAIWAN–Avalue Technology Launches latest peripheral product EPM-1607 with PCIe 3-in-1 M.2 2280/2260/2242 may be split according to requirements, can expand four independent RS-232 serial ports, and ultra-low power consumption. It is for applications in public transportation, HMI and machine vision in industrial automation, manufacturing industry and intelligent control.

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Avalue said, "Compact-size EPM-1607 uses high performance PCIe 2.0 specifications and compatible with 16C550 UART controller. Able to expand four independent RS-232 ports with 115200 bps baud rate per port, it provides outstanding performance and faster transmission speed. Supporting 256-byte FIFO buffer, it stores data in real time during rapid or large data transmission, preventing data loss due to software or multitasking delay. While environmentally friendly with ultra-low power consumption, its high-speed design allows synchronous communication between multiple ports. It is suitable for any system with M.2 (key-B+M) slot, including 3.5” single board computer, ITX & ATX, box PC and tablet PC."

EPM-1607 provides 3-in-1 M.2 2280/2260/2242 form factors. The card can be directly inserted into a 2280 slot due to its stamp-hole design, and it can also fit into a 2260 or 2242 slot. Further more, EPM-1607 has two different connectors, ensuring that the user does not insert in the reverse direction.

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