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Mobisnet Showcases Diverse Applications of Service Robots

Published: Dec 08,2022

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwanese service robot solutions supplier Mobisnet Technology showcased the diverse applications of service robots and Smart Healthcare Integration Platform in 2022 Taiwan Healthcare Expo, to continuely advancing its AI robot technology and Long-Term Care practical experience, and to connect with the manage system of hospitals and related ognizations to create more benefits.

The need for healthcare has been raised by the population aging and birth declining. Ye Huan-chang, general manager of Mobisnet Technology said that hospitals and long-term care organizations are facing a human resources shortage and have to relay on robots and automation technologies to help release the workload of medical staff to improve the work quality.

There were two main themes of Mobisnet in the exhibition. One was innovative applications of service robots which demonstrated remote control picking objects by APP outside the operating room, and navigating the robot to drop the items to the designated place to reduce the loading of medical personnel; second is the smart healthcare integration platform which was group continuing care management platform can further connect with hospitals, long-care centers, and home services.

The smart long-care business of Mobisnet contains five management systems including long-care institution, home medical and nursing, day-care center, home services and home rehabilitation. These systems can provide operation assistant, service applications, software and hardware integration, cloud platform, and APP information services.

Ye Huan-chang said that due to the management of acute/critical care that was concentrated in hospitals in the past, it is gradually developing towards a decentralized structure, linking community clinics and long-term care institutions, and even expanding to home care services. Mobisnet 's rich experience in smart long-term care can assist in the seamless integration of the overall system for continuous long-term care, AI development and integration, and application system planning and development, allowing medical staff to quickly work with the integrated services through training. In 2022, Mobisnet assisted three of Chimei's nursing homes to provide community services.

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