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Triac Dimmable LED Lamp Driver Increases Performance and Cost Savings

Published: Nov 28,2014

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Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP1695. This LED lamp driver optimizes the design of sub 12W triac dimmer-compatible LED lamps by featuring a dimming range of 1 to 100% and up to a 30% reduction in bill of materials (BOM) cost.

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For 120V and 230V mains-dimmable retrofit LED lamps such as the common 5W GU10 and 8W energy saver bulbs, the high-performance AP1695 uses a patented constant on-time control technique to enable deep triac dimming down to 1% and an increase in lamp/triac compatibility. Its dimming curve complies with the NEMA SSL6 standard and the driver is fully compliant with the requirements of the IEC6100-3-2 harmonic standard.

The AP1695 is a single-stage driver integrating a 500V high-voltage MOSFET

into the space-saving SO-7 package. This device employs PFM technology to tightly regulate output current up to a 230mA (max), while maintaining a power factor higher than 0.9 and a THD rating less than 30%. Its boundary-conduction mode ensures higher efficiency and enhanced EMI performance.

By operating on the primary side, the device removes the need for optocouplers, secondary-side control and loop-compensation circuitry without compromising application stability. The AL1695 also has the following integrated protection features: over-voltage, short-circuit and over-temperature protection.

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