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Industry’s Highest Efficiency 15 W Wireless Power Transmitter and Receiver

Published: Feb 29,2016

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Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) introduced two new devices that deliver a complete high-efficiency wireless charging solution for electronics demanding up to 15 W of output power.

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Supporting wireless charging for new categories of consumer products and infrastructure, the highly integrated chips deliver industry-leading power conversion efficiency of over 86 percent from transmitter input to receiver output, reducing system losses and improving thermal performance while rivaling traditional wired power conversion architectures.

Compatible with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standard, the new transmitter and receiver further enhance IDT’s leadership position in wireless power, where the company’s 5 W and 3W solutions are already deployed into high-volume smartphones and wearables.

The new P9240A transmitter is ideal for standalone transmitter pads and embedded furniture, as well as infrastructure applications in airports, hotels and cafes. The companion P9220 receiver is designed for products that require high current charging like tablets and phablets, mini PCs, medical instruments and wireless speakers, as well as “fast charging” smartphones. Both transmitter and receiver ICs deploy a high performance microprocessor for maximum flexibility and performance optimization.

The P9240A transmitter accepts a wide range input (4.25-21V) and features proprietary slew rate control for optimal EMI performance and low power standby. The flexible P9240A core provides power level scalability and performance optimization. The P9220 receiver is highly integrated, with an active internal rectifier and output LDO with support for all mainstream communication interface protocols. Similar to the P9240A transmitter, the P9220 receiver’s core maximizes flexibility and customization.

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