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HOLTEK New HT45F4830 Digital Servo Flash MCU

Published: Aug 01,2016

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Holtek’s new digital servo MCU, the HT45F4830, which is specifically designed for use in the brushed DC motor digital servo application area. Including an internal LDO and an H-Bridge driver, the HT45F4830 can provide full servo circuitry only requiring the addition of a few passive components thus greatly reducing required PCB area and component costs, and making it well suited for digital servo products below 9g.

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Regarding the device features, there is 2K×16 of Flash Program Memory, 128 bytes of RAM Data Memory, a 3.5V~8.4V operating voltage range and a system frequency of 8MHz. A fully integrated high accuracy RC oscillator is included along with a (2+1) channel 12-bit analog to digital converter which is used for servo locator position detection.

The device also includes two Time Base functions. As for timers, a 10-bit Timer Module is provided to output the PWM signal for motor speed control and a 16-bit Timer Module is provided to capture the PWM pulse which is used to control the servo angle. An internal 3V LDO is included to provide the MCU operating voltage and servo locator reference voltage.

The integrated motor driving circuit can be used for motor forward, backward and brake control. The PWM complementary and non-complementary control as well as dead time functions and mistake-proof functions are provided to increase motor drive flexibility and as safety features. The internal H-Bridge driver has a drive capacity in excess of 600mA.

To complement the HT45F4830 device, Holtek also provides a software development platform where the relevant servo design parameters can be adjusted to allow for rapid implementation for various types of servo MCU solutions below 9g.

With the features described above, this new device from Holtek offers a much higher level of functional integration and greater flexibility over previous traditional solutions. The Flash Memory multi-programming features can also be used to reduce inventory overheads and costs for manufacturers. The device is available in an 8-pin SOP-EP package type and has the benefits of excellent heat dissipation as well as reduced area allowing it to fit easily into low profile digital servo products.

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