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New HT6xF23x0 Advanced Flash MCUs for High Grade LED/LCD Applications

Published: Dec 26,2016

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Holtek announced the release of two new Advanced Flash MCU series, the HT66F23x0 and HT67F23x0. The devices include a range of rich peripheral resources, as well as a flash program memory capacity of up to 1 Mega-bit. As the devices have achieved IEC/UL 60730 certification, they are supplied with a software library dedicated for IEC/UL 60730 verification to assist users in their product development and verification.

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The devices include an integrated hardware CRC engine for flash program memory self-diagnostic testing, a function which allows developers to reduce test times and also reduce the loading on MCU resources. The devices also includes a large LED current drive capability, a function which has four programmable drive current selections, and which permits LEDs to be driven without requiring external current-limiting resistors or transistors, a feature which will result in reduced product components and cost.

All these features make the device series suitable for various LED/LCD home appliances and automotive products, such as car alarms, motorcycle instrumentations, health care measurement products, washing machines, water heaters and exercise machines, etc.

The main difference between the HT66F23x0 and the HT67F23x0 series is that the HT67F23x0 series includes an integrated hardware LCD driver function. Each series includes four devices, namely the HT66F2350/60/70/90 and HT67F2350/60/70/90. With a comprehensive range of functions, the devices have a rich core specification including a flash program memory range of 8K~64K words, a data memory range of 768~4096 bytes, a data EEPROM range of 256~1024 bytes, a 16-level stack, etc.

Additionally, the devices also have multiple peripheral circuits, such as multi-functional Timer Modules, a 12-bit A/D converter which includes an internal reference voltage with a high precision of ±1%, a 16-bit hardware Multiplier and Divider, comparator, SPI and I2C interfaces and up to 3 UART interfaces. As well as being utilised as a main product microcontroller, the devices can also connect to other master ICs using their communication interfaces as part of an overall system. With their functional diversity, the devices can be used in a huge range of home appliance control applications as well as automotive products to name but a few.

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