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HOLTEK New HT66FB582 USB Full Speed Flash MCU

Published: Jan 10,2017

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Holtek announced the release of a new Full Speed USB Flash MCU in the form of its A/D type HT66FB582 device. This device is a new addition to Holtek’s range of 8-bit Flash USB MCUs.

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In addition to being used in general USB PC peripherals and consumer products, one special feature of the this new MCU is its large 48K×16 bits Flash Program Memory capacity in addition to an true EEPROM memory of 16K bytes. These large memory features make the device suitable for data logging applications which require a large amount of data storage such as temperature and humidity loggers, which can be widely used in refrigerated transport and logistical management application areas.

As well as its 48Kx16 bits of Program Memory, 16K bytes of true EEPROM and 1K bytes of Data Memory, the device also includes a 6-channel 12-bit A/D Converter and a combination of SPI, I2C and UART interfaces which provide a wide choice for easy external interfacing to peripheral devices.

When used together with the Holtek provided program libraries, the device is capable of internally generating a PDF file, making it especially suitable for use in USB PDF type data logger applications. With regard to packaging the device is supplied in 48-pin LQFP and 46-pin QFN package types.

As an extension to the HT66FB5x0 and HT68FB5x0 series, this device also provides an ISP online firmware update function via its USB interface as well as supporting ICP, ISP and IAP programming modes. With this combination of features, this device provides an easier and quicker means for the development of USB interface related applications.

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