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HOLTEK New HT68F0025 Small Package Flash Type MCU with EEPROM

Published: Mar 06,2017

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Forming an extension product to the HT68F002 MCU, Holtek now announces the release of a new addition to its small package Flash MCU range, the HT68F0025.

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This device is suitable for use in small household appliance products, such as smart switches, ultrasonic cleaners, LED table lamps etc. When compared with the HT68F002, the major difference in this new device lies in its increased Flash Memory capacity of 2K words and an increased 4-level stack.

The HT68F0025 is supplied in 8-pin and 10-pin SOP package types, offering extremely small package outlines. The device is fully pin-compatible with the HT6xF002 and HT66F007, whose packages are supplied in 8-pin DIP and 8-pin SOP types.

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