? Ampleon Launches First Devices Using Gen9HV 50 V Base Station optimised Process
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Ampleon Launches First Devices Using Gen9HV 50 V Base Station optimised Process

Published: Jun 06,2017

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Ampleon announced the launch of a series of LDMOS RF power transistors using its Gen9HV 50 V LDMOS process. These devices are the first to use Ampleon’s latest 50 V process, a node that has been optimized for use in cellular infrastructure applications up to 1 GHz and delivers greatly increased efficiency and gain. These devices, enabling more than 57 % efficiency and 18 dB power gain, and their 50 V operation, make for a significantly more compact and cost-effective application.

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Operating over a wide frequency range (450 MHz to 960 MHz), they provide a flexible approach to handling multiple channels with a single amplifier. An example on display during IMS 2017 is using a Gen9HV transistor in a low cost compact power amplifier design covering 720 MHz to 960 MHz that offers excellent efficiency and linearity in addition to multi-band capability.

Single band operation brings more than 57 % efficiency and 18 dB of gain with a compact and cost-effective single-transistor Doherty amplifier (with WCDMA and LTE signal at 634 MHz). Typical applications include use in 4G LTE and NB-IoT base stations and remote radio heads.

Christophe Cugge, Vice-President Marketing, Ampleon comments, “This new process, fully optimized for base-station Doherty PA applications is a perfect complement to our world-class Gen10 series. It brings the best possible compromise between performance, cost and size along with the well-known ruggedness, reliability, consistency and linearity of LDMOS”.

Capable of delivering up to 400 Watts from a compact 20 mm long package, the series is assembled in an air cavity package with an ultra-low Rth flange, named ACP3. This package family combines excellent thermal properties with a very attractive cost.

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