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VIA Announces VIA Mobile360 ADAS Sample Kit

Published: Jul 11,2017

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VIA Technologies announced the launch of the VIA Mobile360 ADAS Sample Kit to enable the rapid integration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in commercial vehicles.

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The kit supports a complete range of ADAS features that enhance vehicle safety by keeping drivers alerted to constantly-changing road conditions, including Lane Departure Warning, Forward and Rear Collision Warning, Blind Spot Detection, Pedestrian Detection, and Vehicle Detection. It comprises a ruggedized in-vehicle system with an integrated 4G modem and GPS for remote wireless tracking and monitoring, four automotive-grade FOV-50 cameras, and a 7” automotive-grade HD resistive touch monitor.

The kit also features VIA Mobile360 E-Track, a cloud portal that enables fleet owners to capture and analyze vehicle and driver data for real-time tracking, recording, and asset management. Enhanced E-Track Computer Vision functions such as Driver Monitoring, Cargo Monitoring, and License Plate Detection can also be added through the integration of up to two additional FOV-50 cameras.

“The VIA Mobile360 ADAS Starter Kit makes it dramatically easier for fleet owners of trucks, buses, coaches, and armored cars, to improve the safety of their vehicles and the roads they drive on,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “With its customizable design and real-time remote monitoring system, the kit can be optimized to meet a full range of installation and operation requirements.”

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