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HOLTEK New BH45B1224 Sensor Measurement A/D Converter IC

Published: Feb 06,2018

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Holtek announces the release of its new sensor measurement device, the BH45B1224. This new device includes an internal 24-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter which has the characteristics of high RF noise immunity and a wide operating voltage of 2.4V~5.5V.

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Along with the advantages of low power consumption and low temperature coefficient, these features combine to make the device suitable for use in various sensor measurement applications, such as electronic scales, pressure meters, thermometers as well as a wide range of other high-precision measurement products.

As well as a 24-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter, the device includes a fully integrated PGA and an I2C interface for data communication with external MCUs. As for packaging, the device is supplied in both 8-pin SOP and 16-pin NSOP package types.

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