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HOLTEK New BC2161 Sub-1GHz RF Transmitter with Encoder

Published: Mar 13,2018

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HOLTEK introduced its new wireless transmitter device, the BC2161, a device which includes an integrated programmable encoder. The transmitting frequency bands fall within the Sub-1GHz license-free ISM frequency range of 300~960MHz, which makes the device suitable for use in a variety of RF applications such as wireless fixed code or custom code remote controllers, smart home appliances and so on.

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The BC2161 contains a high power factor power amplifier, a digital OOK/GFSK modulation and other functions. A programmable encoder is also integrated within the device, whose encoding format, as well being able to be configured to be compatible with the HT12E, HT6P20, HT6P427A devices, can also be configured to be a custom transmitting code format.

The RF characteristic of the device is fully compliant with the international FCC/ETSI standards. The device supports a range of various features, such as key functions of up to 8 keys, encoding addresses of up to 4.2 billion (232), a maximum transmitting power of +13dBm, an OOK transmitting speed of up to 24ksps and a GFSK transmitting speed of up to 100kbps. Additionally, transmission can be woken up quickly by a single key within a short delay time of 2ms.

Holtek provides all the required tools to assist users in setting up the RF transmitting power, transmitting frequency band, address, key function, encoding format and other parameter settings by configuring an internal One Time Programmable Memory. The device can work independently or be connected to an MCU, which can then be used as a master to control the transmitting RF, using the device’s integrated two-line communication interface. The device is supplied in both 8-pin SOP-EP and 16-pin NSOP-EP package types, has an operating voltage range of 2.0V~3.6V and an operating temperature of -40°C~85°C which is compliant with industry specifications.