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HOLTEK New HT45B0016 Wireless Charger Transmitter’s Power Stage

Published: May 10,2018

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Directly aimed at the wireless charger transmitter application area, Holtek presently announces the release of its new two-in-one half-bridge power device, the HT45B0016. This new device includes an integrated half-bridge gate driver as well as an NMOS which can implement a complete wireless charger TX solution when used together with the HT66FW2230 or HT66FW2350.

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The VIN input voltage range is 4.5V~25V, fully covering all 5W~15W wireless charger transmitter types. When two HT45B0016 devices are combined with an MCU for software control, a half-bridge driver solution can be implemented for low power applications while a full-bridge driver solution can be implemented for medium power applications.

Protective features such as over current protection and over temperature protection are also included to provide necessary protection functions. The over current trigger threshold value is adjustable by using an external resistor. The shutdown current can be less than 1µA.

The device is supplied in a 23-pin QFN (4mmx4mm) package type which is convenient for reducing wireless charger transmitter PCB areas and in simplifying the PCB layout. Additionally, Holtek also provides a complete reference solution to assist users with their product development.

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