? HOLTEK New HT45F4050 A/D NFC Flash MCU
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HOLTEK New HT45F4050 A/D NFC Flash MCU

Published: Nov 07,2018

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Holtek announces the release of its new A/D Near Field Communication, NFC, Flash MCU, the HT45F4050. The device’s most exceptional feature is its fully integrated NFC Tag interface. This high level of functional integration means that NFC terminal product solutions do not require separate MCU and NFC Tag IC devices, resulting in greatly reduced manufacturing BOM costs.

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The device’s NFC circuitry RF data rate is 106 kbit/s, which is compliant with the NFC Forum Type2 and ISO1443 Type A specifications. It also includes 256 bytes of NFC EEPROM and 64 bytes of NFC SRAM which are compliant with the NFC Tag application standards.

With regard to memory, the device includes a Flash Program Memory capacity of 8K×16, a Data Memory capacity of 256 bytes and a true EEPROM Memory capacity of 64 bytes. A full range of other functions include a 12-bit A/D converter, SPI/I2C interfaces, a UART interface, 4 Timer Modules and a 4-SCOM LCD driver. As for packaging, the device is supplied in a 48-pin LQFP package type which meets various application requirements.

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