? HOLTEK New HT66F0184 Streamlined A/D Flash MCU
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HOLTEK New HT66F0184 Streamlined A/D Flash MCU

Published: Oct 05,2019

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Holtek announced the release of a new device addition to its A/D Flash MCU with EEPROM range, the HT66F0184. This is provided as a streamlined product to the HT66F0185 device, offering the advantages of lower cost. This device includes a high accuracy HIRC, a 10-bit A/D converter and an LCD Driver, making it suitable for use in household appliances, consumer goods, electric tools, industrial control and other applications, such as electric vehicle instrumentation, thermostats, agitators and other products.

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The device has an operating voltage of 2.2V~5.5V, a Flash program memory capacity of 4K×15, a data memory capacity of 192×8 bytes, an emulated EEPROM capacity of 32×15, 4 channel 10-bit A/D Converter, LCD Driver, two 10-bit Compact Type TMs, a 10-bit Standard Type TM and a high accuracy HIRC.

With regard to packaging, the device is supplied in 24-pin SOP/SSOP and 28-pin SOP/SSOP package types.

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