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Toshiba’s New Discrete IGBT for Voltage Resonance Circuits

Published: Dec 23,2019

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Toshiba has launched the “GT20N135SRA,” a 1350V discrete IGBT for use in voltage resonance circuits in tabletop IH cookers, IH rice cookers, microwave ovens and other home appliances. Shipments start today.

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GT20N135SRA features a collector-emitter saturation voltage of 1.75V and a diode forward voltage of 1.8V, approximately 10% and 21% lower, respectively, than for the current product. Both the IGBT and diode have improved conduction loss characteristics at high temperature (TC=100℃), and the new IGBT can help reduce equipment power consumption. It also features a junction-to-case thermal resistance of 0.48℃/W (max), about 26% lower than that of the current product, allowing easier thermal design.

The new IGBT suppresses short circuit current that flows through the resonance capacitor when equipment is switched on. Its circuit current peak value is 129A, about a 31% reduction from the current product. As its safe operating area is widened, it makes equipment design easier compared to the current product[3].

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