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HOLTEK New HT45F5Q-1 Charger MCU

Published: Jan 06,2020

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Within the charger product application area, Holtek announced the release of its new charger application specific Flash MCU, the HT45F5Q-1. When compared with the HT45F5Q-2/-3 previously released devices, this new device contains a simplified range of MCU resources offering the advantages of lower cost, fewer external components and enhanced charger functions over traditional solutions.

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When used together with the HT45F5Q-x series charger volume production calibration platform, this allows calibration data to be stored in the device’s internal EEPROM. Using this method, in addition to allowing more rapid and efficient production, also permits a voltage accuracy of up to ±1%and a current accuracy of up to ±5%.

The device has a 1K×14 Program Memory, a 32×8 Data Memory and 9 multi-function I/O ports. The multi-channel 10-bit A/D Converter is used to measure voltage, temperature, current and other signals. Two internal groups of OPAs and 12-bit/8-bit D/A Converters are used for constant voltage and constant current control.

The device is supplied in a 16-pin NSOP package type. Holtek will soon be announcing its HT45F5Q-x series charger workshop, which will allow users to easily select the required charging voltage/current as well as other required specifications. The platform will also have the capability of generating a program containing a standard charging process thus greatly simplifying the development process.

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