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HOLTEK New Arm Cortex-M0+ based 32-bit Flash MCU Series HT32F52357/52367

Published: May 09,2020

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Holtek announced the release of its new generation Arm Cortex-M0+ Microcontroller devices, the HT32F52357/52367 series. These new devices include excellent features such as high operating efficiency, an extensive range of resources and lower power consumption. These devices are suitable for a wide range of applications such as TFT-LCDs, intelligent door locks, IoT terminal devices, wearable devices, intelligent home appliances and USB game peripherals, etc.

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This new series include functions such as a high operating speed of 60 MHz and an operating voltage range of 1.65V~3.6V. The devices additionally support an independent VDDIO pin to facilitate connection of external components which have a different voltage to the VDD voltage. With regard to memory the devices contain 128/256K bytes of Flash Program Memory and 16/32K bytes of SRAM Data Memory. Additional functions include abundant peripheral resources, such as two USART interfaces, four UART interfaces, two I2C interfaces, two SPI interfaces, USB and EBI interfaces and so on.

The devices also contain a 6-channel PDMA and a 12-channel 1 Mbps SAR A/D Converter. They also provide a CRC16/32 data checking mechanism and a hardware divider. A newly added QSPI interface works together with the EBI interface which can transmit data at higher speeds, suitable for TFT-LCD related applications. In addition, two 500 Ksps 12-bit D/A Converters and an AES-128 hardware encryption mechanism have been added, further increasing the application possibilities.

The HT32F52357/52367 devices are supplied in 46-pin QFN and 48/64/80-pin LQFP package types and contain from 37 to 67 GPIO pins. In their low power consumption mode (DeepSleep1/2), the devices support wake-up functions on any I/O-pin, which makes the design of the power saving mode more convenient. The integrated reference voltage is used for A/D Converter measurement calibration, and suitable for low-power battery applications.

In addition to being supported by professional IDE suppliers including IAR, the entire series have been licensed by Keil for free use. Additionally, Holtek also provides demo boards and development platform kits. The Holtek development platform includes an ICE e-Link32 Pro, a full set of peripheral driver firmware libraries, application example source code, application development handbooks as well as the GNU GCC and a flexible make compilation environment.

The complete series have passed UL/IEC 60730 Class B certification and can provide a related safety test library. With Holtek’s integrated ISP (In-System Programming) and IAP (In-Application Programming) technology, users will find software upgrade implementation an easy and quick process, thus enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of their products.

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