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Wide Selection of High-Frequency Connectors

Published: May 27,2020

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Würth Elektronik has extended its range of coaxial connectors and published a new catalog.

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The following product families are featured in the coaxial catalog available today: SMA and Reverse Polarity SMA, MCX and MMCX, SMP and SMB Moreover, a range of adapters, tools and services for cable assembly is presented.

The coaxial standards SMB and SMP expand the portfolio with the appearance of the new catalog. SMBs are suitable for applications up to 4 GHz with a characteristic impedance of 50 Ohm. The SMB series is smaller than the SMAs and contact via snap-in connection. The SMP series — designed for transmission rates up to 40 GHz at 50 ohms including versions with different insertion and retention forces — is also new to the program.

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