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HOLTEK New BM32S2021-1 Proximity Sensing Module

Published: Jul 27,2020

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Holtek announced the release of its new proximity sensing module, the BM32S2021-1, which fully integrates active IR emission, reception, and optical mechanisms. The module has the characteristics of low power consumption, long sensing detection distance and small size. Having a modular design ensures much reduced product development time. These features combine to ensure that this proximity sensing module is suitable used for all types of smart home electronic products, such as smart door locks, smart makeup mirrors, smart sanitary ware, and automatic dryers.

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The module supports detection of objects with a distance of up to 100cm and has a low standby power consumption of 12μA at 3.3V, allowing the device to meet the requirements of a large number of product applications with varying power designs. The module provides two user selectable output modes, namely I/O and UART types. When used together with a dedicated development platform, the required module characteristics can be rapidly setup and adjusted to implement fast and convenient product development.

With regard to pin connections, this new module has only four stamp holes, which can be increased by adding a pin header component to implement connections at different angles, for example upright at 90 degrees. The high degree of flexibility offered by this module provides for a wide range of application possibilities. In addition to supplying a dedicated development platform, Holtek also provides a technical service team who can be called upon for assistance.

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