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HOLTEK New TinyPowerTM 40V/250mA HT73Hxx Series Ultra Low Quiescent Current with Protection

Published: Aug 18,2020

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Holtek announced the release of its new TinyPower ultra low quiescent current LDO series, the HT73Hxx. This new LDO series includes a high input voltage of 40V, ultra-low quiescent current of 2.5μA and a maximum output current value of 250mA. With an output voltage accuracy of ±1.5%, this new HT73Hxx series also provide over current and over temperature protection features.

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These new devices include a chip enable pin, which when pulled low, will reduce the current consumption to 0.1μA. With its additional internal output fast discharge function these new regulator devices open up new application possibilities. The HT73Hxx devices provide a variety of package types including SOT89, SOT23-5 and 8SOP-EP.

The devices can be used in a diverse range of industrial and serial-battery applications which require a high input voltage such as smart meters, electric tools and sensors.

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