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Epistar Acquires Forepi to Expand Production Capacity

Published: Jul 01,2014


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Andes and M31 Cooperate in Building UP Optimized CPU Solution

HSINCHU, Taiwan– Andes Technology and M31 Technology announced together that AndesCore N1337 has adopted M31’s advanced technology MACH to reach 1GHz frequency under 40nm process. N1337 as a high speed CPU solution can be applied to handheld devices, intellignet TV, tele-communication, and consumer entertainment applications...

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High Seanson of iPhone 6 Supply Chains is Coming

TAIPEI, Taiwan — As the debut of iPhone 6 comes closer, which means the high season of IC Substrate, FPC, and HDI firms is drawing near. Among the supply chain of application processor, FPC, and HDI, Ibiden from Japan got the most orders, Unimicron and Kinsus Interconnect Technology from Taiwan are also part of supply chains of iPhone 6, and also proves that the fingerprint authentication system of Taiwan is in the leading status...

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Mirle Become One of Equipment Supplier of LG

TAIPEI, Taiwan-Mirle, a Taiwanese automation system provider, has became one of the equipment supplier of LG Group, breaking the convention of Samsung and LG, which they only purchase south Korea-made equipment. Mirle is one of the leaders in automation system integrators and related product manufacturers, headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan...

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PTC and ThingWorx Join the IIC to Accelerate Adoption of IoT

PTC and ThingWorx, a PTC business and leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, today announced they have joined the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), an open membership group established to improve the integration between the physical and digital worlds in order to accelerate adoption of the Internet of Things...

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Janine Benyus: A Sustainable World Already Exists

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER), Academia Sinica, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and Agri-Dragon Biotech Co. teamed up to hold a 2014 Biomimicry International Forum, invited Janine Benyus, an American natural sciences writer, innovation consultant, and author to give a speech, concerning about nature and technology...

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FENC's New Fabric Used in Ten FIFA World Cup Jerseys

TAIPEI, Taiwan- According to Taiwan media reports, the Far Eastern New Century Corporation's (FENC) new fabric has been used in Ten national team jerseys in the FIFA World Cup 2014, this material has wicking, lightweight and breathable capabilities, perfect to meet the needs of the athletes in the match...

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