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Taiwanese IC Packaging and Testing Industry to Continue Its Growth in 4Q13

Published: Nov 13,2013


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Inventec Head to Solar and 3D Printing Market

(Taipei, Taiwan) In order to improve profitability, Inventec is actively expanding solar and 3D printing market, hoping to increase revenue, currently its investee companies E-Ton Solar and Inventec Appliances has begun seeking the market opportunities...

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Global Optical Networks Market Will Exceed US$17.5bn in 2018 as 100G Surges

The optical networks (ON) market will exceed US$17.5bn by 2018, for a 3.1 percent CAGR from 2012, predicts global analyst firm Ovum. An exceptionally strong 2Q13 has signaled the beginning of a spending bounce-back. 2Q13 was the strongest quarter in the last six and was the 7th highest quarter in the last 10 years...

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Affordable True Eight-Core Smarthone

(Taipei, Taiwan) Taiwanese company Bungbungame, Tuesday release Project S smartphone in fund-raising platform indiegogo, is advertised as everyone can afford, with 5.8-inch WQHD screen with a resolution up to 2560X1440, and using 16 million pixel camera as well as the ARM architecture Big...

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TSMC's 20 nanometer chips have been shipped

(Taipei, Taiwan) TSMC's major customers Xilinx announced on Monday that TSMC 20-nanometer chip PLD has officially shipped and is scheduled to mass production in the first quarter of next year. This is also the first official shipment of TSMC 20nm products...

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Ovum:CEM Has Emerged as The Top Driver of Telco IT Investments

Customer experience management (CEM) has emerged as the top driver of telco IT investments in 2014, according to Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights. The global analysts forecast telco IT spend to reach US$60.7bn by 2017, with investments geared towards telecoms infrastructure (cloud platforms, server virtualization and BSS/OSS systems to support LTE implementations) and online channels to support customers’ increasingly digital lifestyles...

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Oversupply Drives Mutto Optronics Exit Touch Screen Market

Mutto Optronics became the first Taiwanese touch panel manufacturer to exit China after announcing that it will sell their manufacturing plant in Suzhou. In the circumstance of oversupplied touch screen, due to the traditional panel manufacturer and China-based company entering into the market, many companies are forced to adjust their productivity and some manufacturing plants were shut down in Wintek and CANDO Hsinchu factory...

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