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Taiwan Student Shine in iENA

Published: Nov 05,2013

2013 International Invention Exhibition(iENA), held in Nuremberg, Germany.Taiwan National Yunlin University of Science and Technology won two gold medals and one silver by three amazing works, solar multimedia glasses ,doped organic light-emitting diode structure , a new type of visible light photocatalyst microfiber material preparation in 65th iENA.

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The Central Security Department Professor Wan Tengzhou and Student HUANG Chong Fu , Xu Yalin develop a " solar powered multi-media spectacle ," won the gold medal. The work on the use of solar-powered lenses , when travelers get lost, can have instant guide. It also have navigation and a multi-language function, namely to provide traveler information. Besides, it allowing users to have a dedicated tour guide, and includes memory function, can store and record your carbon footprint.

Department of Electronics, Professor Lin Jianyang and Student Hongpei Wei to promote a " multi- doped organic light-emitting diode structure ," won the gold medal , this works with self-luminous , thin, fast response, wide viewing angle, excellent resolution , high brightness , flexible , and can be the advantages of a large area , is considered to be a new generation of flat panel display technology and an important new type of green lighting technology can be applied to new types of green lighting components and new types of flat panel displays .

Department of Chemical and Materials Professor Kaoru sticky Fitch and Student Chen Hongchang promote a new type of ultra-fine fibers visible light photocatalyst material preparation ,and won the silver medal , this work is different from the general use of ultraviolet light photocatalyst , the biggest difference is the use of visible light can be there are water purification capabilities , this new and wide-ranging potential applications of photocatalyst , has applications in the air and water purifier filters harmful microorganisms in the air , the stench of the environment and factory wastewater .

Yunlin University of Science and abroad in recent years in various major competitions, award-winning , a new history of success. Not only advanced and innovative exhibits and practical, but also make life more convenient and energy efficient.

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