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IEK: Phablet Shipments Grow to 1.5 Billion in 2014

Published: Nov 14,2013

( Taipei , Taiwan ) IEK said that with the advent of 4G , mobile service will be different from the past , and the new born Phablet market will grow to 1.5 billion units next year.

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IEK, leading research institutes in Taiwan , said in Outlook 2014 forum Wednesday, pointed out that the global communications industry will be based on openness and integration, toward the four directions, traffic management, value-added services, virtual and heterogeneous networks, converged services.

IEK researcher Ye Hengfen said that smart phones, 4G network construction, and user terminals will continue to be a major growth momentum in the communications industry; while in fixed high-speed Internet industry, the telecom- providers in Western Europe and other developed areas will focus DSL Accelerating Technology and DOCSIS 3.0, some emerging markets (such as China, South America, etc.) for FTTH demand gradually warmed, and bring the next wave of industry growth opportunities.

IEK researcher Chen Mei Ling pointed out that data services will be the strategic focus of telecom operators.

As smart mobile terminal market, IEK Research Manager Wang Yingyu stressed that global smart mobile device market will grow to 15 million units from 12 million units in 2014; But with smart mobile device market matures, industry will develop larger size terminal devices, and toward the emerging markets, industrial structure will also be changed with vendor consolidation.

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