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Wearable Device Market Budding, Smartwatch Come First

Published: Dec 02,2013

Sonostar smartwatche is a bendable watch , use electronic paper display technology.

(Taipei, Taiwan) wearable device is considered an mainstream of consumer products in the future, while Taiwan's IT Month exhibition especially set up a wearable devices area to display variety of smartwatches, so that people can actually experience the wearable devices, through a personal trial, can choose the most suitable wearable product for their own use.

By G-Shock and Baby G Casio is famous all over the world , has introduced two Bluetooth watches , GB-X6900B and GB-6900B,which can connect with the phone via Bluetooth 4.0, as long as download the " G-SHOCK + " App on your phone.

Navigation giant Garmin also introduced a wearable device, the new Forerunner 620 is for sports players to provide a cardio measurement, professional training records,and running posture measurement. Even indoor sports, you can estimate the indoor sports distance or virtual distance through the accelerometer, and it can also give you a suggestion about the time of the next exercise.

The Sonostar smartwatche , is a bendable watch . It uses electronic paper display technology , is the most energy efficient smart watch , in addition to the phone via Bluetooth connection , Sonostar also offers over 32,000 worldwide golf course greens information , can store your hit data every single hole, and analyze batting conditions. It also allow you to upload your records to the golf community to share with friends.

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