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MIC: 10 Technology Trends in 2014

Published: Dec 27,2013

MIC predicted 10 technology trends for 2014.

TAIPEI — 2014 is around the corner, Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) predicted 10 technology trends for 2014, three major trends are vital towards the supply chain in Taiwan, one notable trend is that the market share between Chinese white box handheld devices and those branded ones are getting closer and tightened, the local supply chain in China will be a huge treat for those in Taiwan.

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Information Technology in Taiwan has been through a hard time this year, business combination, buyout, or close down all have had changed the market gradually, MIC predicted ten technology trends based on their statistics and research.

China has always been the main driving force of IT, so the changes in which can be seen as a big trend a head around the world. Firstly, those white box handheld devices from China have gotten larger market share for it's better performance and appearance.

However, this might be a huge threat towards the supply chain in Taiwan. From baseband, power amplifier, and quartz crystal components to display connectivity, touchsreeen, and cell-phone camera module (CCM), all emerged new and strong supply chain from China, respectively.

Secondly, the need of wearable devices are bullish. Especially firms from different business fields have broke in this market, for example, Garmin once is famous for its Global Positioning System (GPS), which applied this spec to design a so-called, Forerunner, that can record users' exercise data and show their location. From which the wireless technology, bluetooth, and sensor IC are where the future lies.

Last but not the least, the battle between high-end smartphones has come to a new era, 64-bit and octa-core processor are going to be the basic standard so that those components related to DRAM and so on, need to act fast with the trend.

MIC: 10 Technology Trends in 2014

1. Driving force mainly come from the emerging market.

2. Asia emerging market is bullish.

3. Politics changes of China are influential towards the market.

4. White box handheld devices of China have kept up with those branded ones in market share.

5. The supply chian for white box handheld devices is profitable and become new power of the field, respectively.

6. Cloud computing resulted in various Apps.

7. Apps will be applied to more fields.

8. Wearable devices are booming.

9. Wireless technology and sensor IC are where the future lies.

10. High performance IC is still progressing in semiconductor market.

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