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Get Wireless Charging Ready Soon

Published: Dec 30,2013

[TAIPEI , Taipei] New iPhone will capable of wireless charging, battery management system (BMS) may go furthur to wireless charging soon. As the performance and speed of processor in handheld device is getting higher, and cloud computing has been widely used resulted in the current battery life of handheld devices is no longer adequate.

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There are three wireless power standards available, namely, Qi (WPC), Alliance for Wirelss Power (A4WP), and Power Matters Alliance (PMA). It is said that the new iPhone, iPad, and Macbook will be functioned with wireless charging.

Wireless charging means that no longer has to worry about getting tangled up in a mass of cords whenever want to charge up, or heavy battery attached to handheld devices, in which wireless chargers work by transferring energy over a short distance using an electromagnetic field.

To charge a device both transmitter and receiver are needed. The transmitter is plugged into a power source and creates an electromagnetic field which induces a charge in the receiver placed in the vicinity.

Though Apple hasn't confirmed the fact, the supply chain LUXSHARE-ICT already leaked it. Moreover, the battery pack firms Simplo and Dynapack, and the connector firms Foxlink and Foxconn, or those IC design-related firms are believed to be the coming beneficiaries from a reliable source.

Simplo and Dynapack have become part of the battery supply chian of iPhone, but as long as the wirless charging put to practice, these battery pack firms need to be redesign, not hard at all for these two Taiwanese firms.

The main supplier of wireless charging IC is Texas Instruments (IT), not much Taiwanese firms were seen in this field except for Generalplus and Primax. Holtek is going to send its wireless charing model to get the WPC Certification before the second quarter in 2014, then it will unveil new wireless charging product.

Generalplus has developed wireless charging for three years, aiming at customized service. Its Microcontroller Unit (MCU) passed through the WPC Certification and has small-scale production in the first quarter in 2013, including transmitter and receiver, mainly supported the white box of China.

Wireless charging may be integrated within a same IC with another technology, MediaTek will release its new product by the fourth quarter in 2014 according to an earlier report.

Wireless charging is not a new concept. However, wireless charing spends more time comparing with wire charing, and whenever handheld device is being wireless charged the embedded electromagnetic coil causes the heat. To popularize wireless charging that still has some technical problems needed to be solved in the future.

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