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IEK:CES 2014 Roundup and Technology Trends

By Vincent Wang
Published: Jan 15,2014

IEK held a seminar that focused on trends at CES 2014(source:IEK)

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — The Industrial Economics and Knowledge Research Center (IEK) held a “Trends of CES 2014” seminar that introducing the technology trends on Wednesday. 3D printing and driverless car are the two major trends that IEK picked up on this year.

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Ji Shao-inn, director of the eletronics and research Dept. of IEK, introduced two spot lights at CES, firstly, 3D printing ecosystem, which focused on mass customization that is “know me”, secondly, driverless car that where autonomy “be me” is emphasized.

However, Driver less car doen’t literally mean that no human on cars, but the concept that to use devices to ease up drivers‘ pressure, like that to use smartphone to move cars into garage.

“Internet of everything is the term that to best describe the trend at CES, from the new smart end wearables, digital family UHD/OLED TV and curved TV, loT and 4G/LTE communication, application of 3D printing, driverless car, and health/fitness. ” She added.

Sensor-based H/W drew a lot of attention, including wearables, mobile comupting, smart appliance. Wearables can be divided into wearable band, smart watch, and smart glasses. The major chanllenge for smart watch is that since the display of watch screen is usually small so that it had better embedded with auto-sensoring to avoid any typing on screen.

Senior analyst of IEK Jhao Zu-yu emphasized four key technology trends from CES, new gen processing, smart sensing fusion, innovated visual experience, and new display era. Take Qualcomm and NVIDIA as examples that both focused on the so-called digital sixth sense, which also applied its chip in various usage, like NVIDIA’s mobile drawing processor K1 to be used in mobile car that enhanced drive safety.

“Sensor technology big firm Bosch had demonstrated an environmental sensor BME280, where humidity, pressure, and temperature sensing are altogether in one chip that is a key technology of smart life.” Jhao added.

Chen Yu-de, senior market analyst of the eletronics and research Dept. of IEK, explanied two end product trends of international leading firms. “Devices won’t go extrem on upgrading their specs but designed for the need of majority.” He added. Also, Sony and Huawei released their phone case along with their new smartphone can be seen as a way of customization.

He said that 4K has become a basic display standrad of everything as it can been seen in Panasonic, while the move towards 4K is not surprising, the way that 4K display can recognize users‘ face is.

Devices that going thin-bezel design also a trend in 2014, and not only because it looks good. Slimming the bezel also reduces the overall size of a system, which can make it lighter and more portable.

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