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GMT Gives Positive Review on LED Lighting

By Vincent Wang
Published: Feb 14,2014

GMT President Wu Chin-chuan

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Analog IC design house Global Mixed-mode Technology (GMT) held its 2013 Q4 investor conference today, showing that the product mix of panel has declined 7 percent, which is coherent to the low season of panel in every fourth quarter.

“LED lighting will be our important driving force from now on,” said GMT President Wu Chin-chuan.

According to product mix sheet of the company, NB occupied 22 percent in the fourth quarter, LCD TV/MNT 16 percent, DSC 5 percent, agent 15 percent, panel 27 percent, and others 15 percent. The fact is that panel downgraded 7 percent comparing to the third quarter of 2013 due to the low season of panel.

Power Management Unit (PMU) is one of the major products of GMT, and has been facing challenges from sub-PMU due to the high-end smartphone. However, GMT gave negative review on sub-PMU.

“The demand of PMU from mid-tier and entry level smartphones are stronger than that of the high-end smartphones‘ sub-PMU, and sub-PMU is less-than-half of the market share,” said Wu Chin-chuan.

When asked about the future plan of the company, the President responded that “NB once ranked 40 percent of its product mix, it will be shrinking but still existed,” said Wu Chin-chuan.

However, Wu Chin-chuan is not that optimistic towards the demand of PMU in wearables. “3D TV was a hit at CES in 2012, the market needed to have something new to talk about, but doesn’t mean it would be a success” said Wu Chin-chuan.

Stan Tong, Manager of GMT furthur explained that the technology related to wearables including Internet of Things (IOT), Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), etc. Comapring to wearables, GMT is more positive in Light-Emitting Diode (LED) and convinced that it will be the new driving force this year.

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