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NCKU Hosts Taiwan-Japan Advanced Battery Meeting

By Vincent Wang
Published: Feb 14,2014

Tainan, Taiwan — The 2014 Taiwan-Japan advanced battery meeting on safety, materials and battery design system is held on February 13 at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan, with a total of nearly 100 experts from the academy and industry in Japan and Taiwan.

“By hosting 2014 Taiwan-Japan advanced battery meeting in Tainan, we are pleased to offer a great opportunity for the attendees to show their research results in the areas and to promote international research cooperation and networking,” according to NCKU President Hwung-Hweng Hwung who gave his opening remark at the meeting.

He also mentioned that energy is one of the pressing issues in the 21 century and lithium-ion batteries have been considered as an attractive power source for a wide variety of applications, from the energy storage systems for solar energy and wind power to the lithium battery powered electric vehicles and consumer products.

As the hosts of the 2014 Taiwan-Japan advanced battery meeting, NCKU is honored to have this opportunity to bring scientists, researchers and engineers from different parts of the world to share their innovations and discoveries in Tainan.

Prof. Ping-Lin Kuo who is the director of NCKU’s Fire Protection and Safety Research Center (FPSRC) welcomed the 16 experts from Japan and said that this is the second meeting in which industrial application is the focus.

“The latest application o f the battery from Japanese side will be showcased in the meeting and the cooperation between the academy and the industry will be explored as well,” Kuo added.

He also said, “With the advancement of battery technologies in the recent years, the laboratory under FPSRC at NCKU ready to carry out tasks including the regulation and validation of lithium-ion battery materials and the applications and manufacturing of power and storage batteries.”

Research on life span and safety monitoring of power and storage batteries and as the training center of lithium-ion battery to host conferences and experimental operation programs are also the aims for the lab, according to Kuo.

Prof. Tetsuo Sakai from Kobe University, who is also the prime senior researcher from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, said that the cooperation between NCKU and Japan’s companies is expected.

“The innovation of battery material is well-developed in Japan and new battery design will be built and tested in NCKU,” according to Sakai who also serves as the leader of Battery System Collaborative Research Group at AIST.

He noted that the safety design of lithium-ion batteries is one of the most important topics based on materials, electrodes and battery construction.

In the meeting, Sakai gave a talk on the development of safe and long life Li-ion batteries for vehicles and energy storage. He explained battery performance needed for vehicles and energy storage and explored the material design for improving safety and life and its applications as well.

He also pointed out that the joint research of Japan and Taiwan will save the battery industry and save energy.

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