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IEK: FPC Going to be Used More in 2014

By Vincent Wang
Published: Feb 17,2014

Caption: Su Meng-zong, Director of IEK forcasts the concept of smart everywhere(source:IEK)

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — The Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK) of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRT) forcasted 10 key issues of Information and communications technology (ICT) in 2014. “Smart everywhere” will be realized soon, and since the smart devices are getting smaller and smaller, Flexible Print Circuit (FPC) will be used more from now on.

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For components front, Matthew Chao, Manager of Components Research Dep. of IEK said that smartphones and tablets are becoming slimer and compact, “ FPC is a part of Printed circuit board (PCB), which can be easily folded or wired, the potential driving force is wearables.”

Wearables have been in the spot light from last year, “The major usage of wearables fall on personal health management at present, but it maye will replace baby sitter,” Mr. Chao added, saying that the sensor technology of wearables can be easily applied to daily monitoring for those who in need.

However, 3D printing is another new star apart from wearables. “Customization and diversity are advantages of 3D printing that challenged the concept of mass production of ICT,” Said Tung Chung-ming, Administrator of Key Components & Research Division of IEK.

Moreover, flexible display is going to replace the technology of TFT LCD or AMOLED, the so-called “Fexible AMOLED” or “Transformer Display”will become the major technology of panel industry.

10 Key Issues of ICT:

1. Wearables-associated technology

2. The rise of Indian smart devices

3. 4G LTE boosts small cell

4. IoT results in the differenciation of IC production

5. Cross-border alliances of smart devices

6. Transformer Display.

7. Tablets are getting bigger screens from 11 to 13.9-inch

8. Big Data

9. The ecosystem of 3D printing

10. The rising of American ICT

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