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IoT to Change The Thinking of Storage

By Korbin Lan
Published: Jun 05,2014

IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data will start to change the method of storage, and moreover people will clarify the speed of process and the frequency of use, except the increasing need for storage capacity. HGST introduces the concept of Cold Storage as well as the related solution for the coming IOT era.

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Brendan Collins, vice president product marketing at HGST, said: “ZB (zettabyte) era is coming.”

He pointed out that the number of IoT devices will be estimated to reach 25 billion in 2015 that will escalate the necessity of storage capacity for the purpose of collecting all data from IoT devices. Furthermore, the volume of Raw Data will be magnified (100 to 1000-fold increase) for the process of Big Data analysis.

The hour record data of Boeing 787 is amounted to 100 GB and the data of London Tube CCTV record is amounted to 1.5 TB per minute, he added.

Besides the booming data volume, users will have distinct need for data storage. Some rarely used data, such as E-mail or business documents, could be loaded quickly if needed and it is regarded as Cold Storage style, which will be frequently used in an emergence but stay in ordinarily.

HGST brings up the next-generation 6TB helium-filled HDD with Helioseal and SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) technology, which will not only increase storage capacity but decrease electricity consumption and running costs of data center as well.

Brendan Collins said that the capacity will increase by 50% and the power-consumption will be reduced by 23%, compared to other companies, through SMR and HelioSeal technology, that is surely beneficial for decreasing data center’s costs and for environmental protection as well as energy-saving.

The reason for the groundbreaking achievement by SMR and HelioSeal is that, explained by Brendan, the intensity of data storage soars by SMR technology, which could increase the number of disk by reducing its size, and HelioSeal can strengthen substantially the reliability of read head. Accordingly, the number of disk in HGST HDD could reach 7 pieces, more than typical 5 Piece Air HDD.

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