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Smart Mobility Driving Force By Internet of Things

By Yiting Wang
Published: Sep 09,2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The 2015 EU-Taiwan Smart Mobility Conference was held on 9th September at Institution of Transportation, Ministry of Transportation. Giuseppo Izzo, GM of STMicroelectronics Taiwan, was invited to deliver a speech, titled “ Internet of cars Within the Internet of Everything”.

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Smart driving is one and booming field of continuous evolution of IoT. Under the concept of connecting everything, the connected car is an intermediate to smart driving.

The connected car could be seen as a technology hub, equipped with radar, smartphone intergration, cellur WAN and V2X. Moreover, through sensor technology the connected car can transfer into an intelligent car. According to Izzo, with about 300 to 400 sensors in vehicle, including motion sensor, cameras, ultra sound sensor et al., all sensor technology will be gathered together for intelligence car.

ST assembles the all domain application of the intelligence car now. In addition, for semiconductor industry, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is currently the most cutting-edge technology.

Izzo said that the car is a IoT system which interacts continuously with the environment, processed and exchanges information among its constituent parts. And IoT will surely be a vertical integration in the field of vehicle, medical and intelligent home. In this way, there are two words for the IoT, namely sensor and vertical, he added.

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