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Holtek Delivers MCU Applications in 7 Fields of IoT

By Vincent Wang
Published: Oct 07,2015

Gordon Gau, Holtek’s President is proudly presented the ultra-thin (1mm) hybrid fingerprint sensor GH-8 series

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Holtek Semiconductor Inc.’s annual new product seminar this year took place at the Grand Victoria Hotel in Taipei. The seminar is focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and their related control and communication applications. In summary, the company showcased its 32-bit MCU, 8-bit MCU and MCU peripherals that could be applied in 7 fields.

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Gordon Gau, President of Holtek stated that their MCU and MCU peripherals covered measurement (security) sensors, smart home, smart connect, lighting display, industrial, power management and smart devices. What’s more, the ultra-thin (1mm) hybrid fingerprint sensor GH-8 series boasted of being the world’s only hybrid fingerprint sensor in mass production and No. 1 ultra-high resolution.

Related products seen at the seminar included its new range of ARM Cortex-M0+ core based 32-bit MCUs as well as a range of new standard 8-bit flash MCUs. With regard to Application Specific 8-bit MCUs (ASSPs).

Therefore, this year seen a lot of devices released for use in health care products, battery charging management, wireless charging, fast charging applications as well as range of new peripheral devices for areas such as display and lighting control, power management to name but a few.

In addition to its Taipei new product seminar, Holtek will also be running a series of new product seminars in Beijing on October 13, Suzhou on October 15, Hangzhou on October 16, Shenzhen on October 20, Shunde on October 21, Xiamen on October 23 and Chengdu on October 27 to demonstrate the company's 2015 new product developments to a wider audience.

This series of seminars will serve to not only demonstrate Holtek's ability to provide its customers with a wide range of cost effective and competitive MCUs and peripheral IC devices, but also to show how the company is providing its customers with enhanced services in terms of sales and engineering support.

This year’s seminar in addition to providing detailed new device descriptions, also discussed product development tools and application technology problems etc, supplemented with detailed discussions.

With accompanying products on display for demonstration, the venue was set for direct face-to-face communication with agents and customers, enhancing the overall effectiveness of this year’s seminars and increasing expectations for even closer future working relationships with Holtek.

Last but not least, Holtek announced earlier this month its consolidated September 2015 sales figures of NT$334 million, representing a 0.49 percent increase over the sales for August 2015 and a 1.36 percent increase on a year-over-year basis.

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