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Maker Movement Helps Mouser Maintain Double-Digit Growth

By Vincent Wang
Published: Nov 12,2015

Daphne Tien, Director at the Marketing and Business Development, APAC of Mouser says the company is going to kick off its first bilateral design contest for makers

TAIPEI, Taiwan — There’s no secret that it’s another freezing cold season in the semiconductor industry, either the weak consumer electronics market and other unfavorable factors have dampened demand for components, or the powerful “Red Supply Chain”. But at the same time, Mouser grasped the opportunity to follow the trend of Maker Movement, which helps the company maintain double-digit growth in these years.

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“Our wide ranges of products covering 550 global brands, non-stop new product introduction (NPI) and the expansion of our warehouses are three comparative advantages that help us maintain double-digit growth.” Said Daphne Tien, Director at the Marketing and Business Development, APAC of Mouser.

On top of that, Mouser catches up with the trend of the Maker Movement. It first started the design contest in China in 2014 that has become an important annual maker event in China. Moreover, the company made its debut at the 2015 Maker Fair Taipei.

The MultiSIM BLUE of Mouser is an ideal development tool for the maker that goes from circuit simulation to PCB layout to BOM. It Powered by NI, the tool allows maker to scheme, simulate, PCB layout, BOM and purchase all in one integrated tool.

“Compare all the rest. No other free tool gives maker this level of integration.” stated Daphne Tien.

As a matter of fact, 2016 is going to be an exciting year for Mouser and all the makers. “We are going to kick off our first bilateral design contest in an attempt to gather makers from China and Taiwan in 2016.” added Daphne Tien.

For the time being, Daphne Tien cited that the company is going the hold a design contest in India by the fourth quarter. The smart hardware and wearable device are the assigned topics. However, all the makers are free to choose electronic components from Broadcom and Murata Manufacturing Co. to complete the contest.

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