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CWT is the Unnamed Hero Behind IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture

By Vincent Wang
Published: Dec 21,2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Being the largest PC power supply manufacturer, Channel Well Technology Co. (CWT) penetrated into the wireless charging products and began shipment in September. The company is optimistic about the development of wireless charging. In fact, thought the company refused to disclose its partners, one of which is the well-known IKEA.

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CWT has been devoted in fostering the stack tower of wireless power bank, wireless charger, wireless power bank and wireless power receiver. It is widely circulated that one of its partners is IKEA, CWT supplies the wireless charger modules to IKEA. Therefore, it’s a milestone of the company to penetrate into the consumer market.

As a matter of fact, IKEA has been promoting its wireless charging furniture through advertisement, CWT is the unnamed hero behind the scene.

According to CWT, its wireless charging products began shipment in the late third quarter so that it still occupied less percentage in the company’s year-end revenue.

Meanwhile, the growing Qi standard, which has been adopted by more than 200 companies, including Microsoft, Samsung, LG Electronics, Verizon, Sanyo, Phillips and IKEA that can charge more than 55 million electronic devices wirelessly. Adoption is growing, but some devices such as Apple's iPhone currently don't support the standard yet.

The market for wireless chargers has been growing steadily, with companies shipping 55 million devices that charged wirelessly in 2014, which grew to an expected 160 million this year, or $1.7 billion in sales, according to the market research firm IHS. That market is expected to grow to $8.5 billion in sales by 2018.

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