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Taiwanese PC Brands Step Into the Smart City Market

By Korbin Lan
Published: Mar 24,2016

Acer displayed its Acer Cloud ITS Solution for bus transportation

TAIPEI, Taiwan - They are known as the “Double A”, Acer and Asus, two Taiwan’s well-known PC brands, are increasingly taking their PC field into the industrial and smart home applications. Acer begins on the public and cloud services, and ASUS is showing its influence in terms of cloud storage and smart home.

Acer and Asus are Taiwan’s famous PC companies, they have accumulated over twenty years experience in global PC market. However, with slow growth of the PC market, the two were expanding their business territories into the industrial and smart home applications.

At 2016 Smart city summit & Expo, which were held in Nankang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, both Acer and Asus attended the exhibition and showcased their smart city related solutions.

Acer is very active in developing its BYOC(Build Your Own Cloud) technology recently. The company displayed its Acer Cloud ITS Solution for bus transportation including smart card sensing device, payment software and automotive centre control PC. It allows public transport operators to deploy a complete smart card payment solution immediately.

Asus was to showcase a number of cloud products, including storage server, Cloud Router, AP and the associated software. In addition, the company also introduced a small air detecting box which is capable of detecting air quality and upload the data to Asus cloud platform, where users can check the air condition by smartphone timely.

Interestingly, Acer and Asus has been against each other in the PC market for a long time. But with entering a new field, the two sides began to have opportunities for cooperation, especially in the cloud applications.

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