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UWin Nanotech Launches UW-602 Cyanide-Free Silver Stripper Solution

By Korbin Lan
Published: Aug 04,2016

TAIPEI, Taiwan - UWin-Nanotech, a Taiwanese green precious metal stripping solutions provider, recently released a new green silver stripper product-UW-602 electrolyte Silver stripper, a silver coating stripping solution. It is a cyanide and toxics free products that completely meets with RoHS requirements, and will not jeopardize human body and environment, allowing enterprises to achieve green manufacturing process and the circular economy.

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Silver is being listed the one of extinguishing metals in one hundred years, its value is getting higher and higher by time. That why it is very important to have a silver recycling strategy from waste electronic components to related companies.

UWin-Nanotech said that UW-602 can be applied on the silver coating tailings of LED and IC leadframe, it allows customers to recycle silver for e-wasted with non-toxic and environmentally friendly way.

UWin-Nanotech also highlighted that UW-602 doesn’t contain cyanide, hexavalent chromium and any RoHS banned hazardous substances, it simplifies the process of wastewater and reduces the cost of processing wastewater.

UW-602 is also capable of working in the Reel to reel, barrel and hanging basket processing model, and as a work station in a continuous process line.

In addition, the UW-602 does not cause corrosion of copper plating layer. After stripping, the bottom copper plating layer will be no discoloration or deterioration of the corrosion resistance. And the speed of the stripping can be controlled at 1.0 to 6.0 m / min.

UWin-Nanotech stressed that the silver recovery of using this solution is just a simple filtration, and purified the precipitate afterward.

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